One-on-One Personal Workshops

"The one-on-one workshops are catered to you and what you specifically want to learn.
That is because I focus on you and what you want to get out of our time together.
I am open to scheduling during the weekday and weekends. "

Outdoor Photography

"Outdoor Photography Techniques, Photography Rules, Long Exposure, Night Shooting, Landscape, Portrait"

Indoor Photography

"Indoor Photography Techniques, Photography Rules, Lighting Techniques, Long Exposure"

Post Processing

"Adobe Lightroom (Organize, Edit, Print)"

"Adobe Photoshop (Edit, Photo Stacking, Fix, Enhance)"

Graphics Art

"Adobe Illustrator (Make Photoshop Tools, Logos, Printing Techniques)"

"Adobe Photoshop (Edit Manipulation, Color Profiles, Printing)"

Web Design

"Wordpress, Theme Interface Explaining, Design Web Site"

"Domain, Hosting, SSL, SEO, Promote"

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